Our Story

The Giving Tree Designs is an exclusive custom design wood shop focused on bringing the beauty of nature into your home. We thoughtfully source, design, and curate slab wood art & furniture that preserves the most natural elements of each tree. In turn, our hope is that the tree never stops giving to you.

From humble beginnings, we began our journey as a tiny little seed. We were unaware that one day we would grow to become a large tree full of life and opportunity. Established in 2017, The Giving Tree Designs started as a backyard coffee table project for a small, one bedroom apartment in St. Petersburg, Florida. Since then, it has grown to become a collaborative, sustainable, and unique destination where clients can work with our designers to create a beautifully crafted, quality piece of furniture. Each slab of wood we source is naturally reclaimed and all finishes are 100% natural, eco-friendly, and food safe. We don't mess around when it comes to Mother Nature. 
In fact, we strive to give back to the environment in the most impactful way that we possibly can. In 2019, we have had the wonderful opportunity to partner with nonprofit organizations in the local area including Cypress Cove Conservancy. Located in Naples, Cypress Cove is a preservation sanctuary for  native cypress trees and a variety of wildlife including the Florida panther. The preserve is comprised of 179 acres of untouched land and it serves to protect the great biodiversity that exists in Florida's natural environment. To learn more about Cypress Cove, click here
Despite all the labor & efforts we put into each creation, we truly owe all the credit to the trees.