The Giving Tree Designs welcomes custom orders of all kinds including commissioning a wide range of Table & Base combinations, Custom Cabinetry and installs, and uniquely designed Furniture/Artistic builds. We want to hear all those cool and creative ideas you have in mind for your next project or furniture build. This is where you, the Customer, truly gets what you want out of a furniture company. So please do not hesitate to get a little personal with us. It always helps to include images or suggestions for the space you are envisioning! Remember, this is your project and we are just here to make your visions come to life in the space you care about the most. All with the help from our friend, Mother Nature.

-Design Team-




Please review the following information then fill out our custom order form below.

Things to know before placing an order:

Our larger products are all made as custom orders as we don’t keep a stock of items. We will occasionally have artist inspired pieces available for purchase through our online store, but all other orders are custom made.

Our current lead time is around 2 months for project completion and this is dependent on the scale and complexity of the build as well as factors beyond our control such as wood movement while preparing the boards, temperatures for pouring resin and any unforeseen delays in the process.

If you would like to commission a piece from us please contact us using the form below and provide the following information:

  • Type of table or piece of furniture 
  • Size/Dimensions
  • Any specific design features

What is the process when placing an order:

  • We discuss the design and features of your project by email or over the phone.
  • A 60% deposit secures your project’s place in line in our work queue.
  • We find the perfect slab for your project. Each wood slab is different making each table unique.
  • We will update you periodically on the milestones of the project.
The table or piece is delivered directly to your home or office by a dedicated freight courier. We are available to assemble and install custom orders upon request. Extra fees may apply.